Speak Up But Don’t Bicker

Fighting with your spouse can actually be beneficial to your health, according to something I read somewhere. According to studies, those who suppress their anger are twice as likely to die younger as those who do not. Couples, it says, should not bicker, but they should also not hold their anger inside. These research, we believe, back up our conviction that married couples should learn to fight fairly. You are not squabbling, and you are not holding your anger in when you fight fairly. You’re expressing your displeasure and anger in a healthy way for your marriage as well as for yourself.

My love and I fight about the silliest things, but we learn from our mistakes and don’t make them again. I’m glad to say that my he and I overcame all of our disagreements, and it just strengthened our bond. So, if you know your rights, don’t be afraid to speak up. Remember the right to free speech =)

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