Keeper of your heart

You may spend a lifetime looking for the ideal partner. God occasionally places someone in your path who completely deviates from your intended route.
This person will demonstrate that with enough love and care, even the barriers you erected to keep others at bay can and will crumble….

When you meet the keeper of your heart, I believe you just know. This person encourages you, provides emotional support, and stands by your side during surgeries or other life events. This individual is truly frightened of losing you, and he or she accepts your past as well as all of your scars. They’ll look past your scars and still refer to you as the most beautiful person they’ve ever met. This is the person who values you above all others and wishes to share a life with you and grow old with you…..

This is the Love you didn’t see coming, but you don’t want to lose because you’ll be giving up a lifetime of happiness……

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