Having the strength to walk away

That moment when you lie down and wonder if you have the strength to get up. That split second when something just doesn’t feel right and you’ve finally admitted to yourself that you and your partner need to have a break-up talk. These are the worst moments: realizing that the man or woman you shared everything with, laughed with, loved, and kissed is no longer there. Breaking up with someone might be one of the most painful experiences of your life. Ending a relationship, especially one that has lasted a long time, can leave you feeling lonely, anxious, depleted, and very sad. But it’s to be anticipated; letting go of that particular someone, the future you two had planned for each other, and the wonderful memories you shared at some point hurts, and the pain you feel can be out of this world.

It’s not simple to let go, and it’s not like you can practice it or study it from a book or a seminar. However, we must recognize that even the most incredible things must come to an end at some point. We will all have to deal with the pain of losing someone we love or having to let go of someone we appreciate in this life. We’ll both live with it, learn from it, and grow from it. We must be courageous and believe that something good is on the way. Losing faith in life, love, and ourselves is not healthy, and it will not improve matters.

Get a post it note, write the following on two of them, and tape them to your mirror: “This, too, shall pass” and “There is a season for everything.” When life isn’t just a sad and nervous bundle of regrets from the past or anxieties for the future, you’ll find that living in the moment is a lot more fun. Recognize that you are human, that you will hurt, but that you are also capable of letting go. You’ve succeeded in sharing your good characteristics and love with someone deserving of your attention. Take your time and be true to yourself and your highest values, most attractive character, and most compassionate, giving, and loving self to create the right time. You will not always feel this way; you will have better experiences because you were you before you were we.

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